What is Marpole Neighbourhood House?

A Neighbourhood House is an open and inviting space for us all to feel at home in our community.

Each Neighbourhood House in Vancouver is embedded with the spirit of its own community, offering services and programs that address the particular concerns and needs of very diverse populations, providing a place to hang out, make friends, find support and build skills to develop a strong sense of belonging in our neighbourhoods.

Marpole Neighbourhood House (MNH) is designed understanding the impacts of the rapid changes currently happening in the area and how that affects both long-term and new members of the Marpole Community. It is also being designed within the spirit of Reconciliation/Decolonization in mind, recognizing the unique and enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous Peoples and their traditional territories, and to promote the understanding of their true role and sovereignty as the first inhabitants of this land.

MNH offers programmed initiatives in parenting, English, employment, leadership, art, gardening and cooking, to name a few, while encouraging community members to also participate in non-programmed, ‘organic’ activities and hangouts to build trust and friends within our community. Programs and offerings will be determined in partnership with the community, based on needs and interests in Marpole.

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